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    To realize intrinsic value of our partners

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    REAPRA establishes new businesses locally, with the intention to expand regionally, taking off throughout South East Asia and beyond.



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    Yoshiki Tachibana

    CEO / Co-founder

    Yoshiki has over 15 years of experience in finance and corporate strategies. Yoshiki was Director at Unison Capital, one of the largest private equity firms in Japan. At Unison, Yoshiki contributed in bringing robust strategies and lean operations at each portfolio company. The project includes Sushiro, the world's largest rotating sushi operator and Enoteca, the largest speciality wine retailer in Japan. Prior to Unison Capital, Yoshiki developed and marketed derivative products at J.P. Morgan.


    Yoshiki holds MBA degree from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Osaka University.


    Shuhei Morofuji

    Director / Co-founder

    Shuhei is the founder of SMS (2175, TSE 1st Section), one of the largest Asian internet based healthcare information platforms. SMS has a presence in 13 countries and over 30 different revenue streams. It has either invested in or acquired over 20 companies globally. Shuhei was CEO for 11 years, leading the company to a Market Capitalisation of $500m before relinquishing his position in 2013. He remains the largest shareholder. Personally, Shuhei is a prominent investor in start up companies and has so far invested in over 10 companies. His continued support of the start up scene, along with his skills and experience, make Shuhei a sought after business partner by entrepreneurs.


    Shuhei graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Kyushu University, Japan.


    Takeo Matsuda

    Director / Co-founder

    He was a successful CFO in Japan for a total of 7 years. He held the position at Groupon Japan (acquired by Groupon Inc, Nasdaq GRPN) and Enigmo (3665, TSE Mothers). Previoulsy he has been an investment banker at Lehman brothers, specializing in the TMT sector, and an auditor at Deloitte. Since 2013, Takeo has personally supported more than 10 IT start-ups in Asia as a seed investor.


    Takeo holds an MBA from the University of Texas, Austin and a B.A. in Economics from Keio University, Japan